Best Shower Pan Reviews 2020

best shower panHow terrible night is! We had just experienced a nightmare that our old shower pan is leaky. We couldn’t completely repair it. After that, we did much research to find out the best shower pan. During this time, we recognized a very important thing that you should keep in mind as well.

A shower pan keeps the responsibility for catching the used water, saving your time for cleaning after each use. Therefore:

This is a worthy and long-term investment. If you choose one at random, the high opportunity is that you will get our similar case. You need to spend more money and time to buy a new one.

In this post, we listed the top 6 products on the market. In our opinion, they have great features which can meet the demands of most users but their price is reasonable. we also write about a buying guide of choosing the best shower pans in anticipation of all 6 unsuitable shower pans.

Best Shower Base & Pans Review 2020

Not having much time to read the detail information of all products?

This part is your solution. In this table, we helped you list the most important information to compare easily. Now, it’s time to discover our top 6 products:

1. DreamLine SlimLine H Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

DreamLine SlimLine H Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

Looking for a product having durability, safety, and a beautiful look? The DreamLine SlimLine can meet your demands.

The combination of the perquisite high-gloss acrylic material and fiberglass gives a great durability. In addition to a modern design, it also varies in colors to suit the different styles of bathroom. When it comes to the safety, its textured floor surface keeps your feet away from slipping while using.

Other features of this product which you shouldn’t skip as follows:

  • The size of 42” W x 34” D is enough for a person to use freely at a time.
  • Although it’s easy and quick to install this model, it requires mortar and you need the help and support from another one.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Heavy-duty
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty


  • Can be cracked in some cases

2. Bestbath 30” x 30” Step-in Shower Base/Pan – 6” Curb Height

Bestbath 30'' x 30'' Step-in Shower Base/Pan - 6 Curb Height

Is durability your top priority? The first outstanding feature of this model is durability.

Apart from the reinforced gel coat and fiberglass material, this shower pan comes with an integral level and wood-cored supported bottom for the great durability.

Other highlights of this product include:

  • Because of the high-quality scratch and stain resistant features plus the slip-resistant textured floor, your safety is guaranteed when showering.
  • Thanks to a simple design, the installation and cleaning process doesn’t require too much your effort. Its 3 sides of the shower base come with an integral flange which allows you to install the model in an alcove or a corner. This way make a wonderful transition from a base to the tiles on the wall.


  • Doesn’t require mud setting
  • Coated the luxurious polyester gel
  • 30-year limited lifetime warranty
  • Impressive look


  • Expensive
  • Available in one color

3. ProFlo PFSB3232WH 32”x32” shower pan with strainer

ProFlo PFSB3232WH 32''x32'' shower pan with strainer

Wanting to buy a beautiful product to decorate your bathroom? ProFlo has a great look with white color which fits many different designs of bathrooms. Other outstanding features are safety and durability.

It is made from the composite material that adds extra durability for a long-term use. Meanwhile, the surface of this shower pan is stain resistant and slip resistant.

ProFlo makes us surprised at the followings:

  • The depth of the base is about 3-4 inches bringing a safe feeling when showering.
  • The majority of customers appreciate the dimension of 6 inches in height from the top to the bottom of the base fixture. When you are done installing, the result is firmer.


  • Tough materials
  • Beautiful look
  • All customer reviews are 5 stars


  • Hasn’t had many customer reviews

4. Tile Redi USA P3648C-PVC Redi Base Single Curb Shower Pan

Tile Redi USA P3648C-PVC Redi Base Single Curb Shower Pan

Are you an inexperienced person in choosing shower pan?

Pick up one Tile Redi USA model, you have a product including the top-quality features. This brand is famous for the best in the market. Depending on the size and drain location you love, you choose one among 100 standard units.

What is more – Whether you love single curb, triple curb, double curb or barrier free entrance, there is a suitable product.

Here are its features which you may be interested in:

  • Tile Redi USA P3648C-PVC is an all-in-one shower pan because it is leak-proof and pre-pitched especially it’s integrated with curb and splash walls.
  • You can directly install tile on its surface to customize the base.
  • The design of Tile Redi USA allows you to install easily and quickly by yourself.


  • Light
  • Stable after installing


  • Expensive

5. Swanstone R-3232-01032-inch by 32-Inch by 5-1/2-Inch Single Threshold Shower Floor

Swanstone R-3232-01032-inch by 32-Inch by 5-1/2-Inch Single Threshold Shower Floor

Do you fear mold and mildew? The non-porous and highly durable material keeps the Swanstone away from the build-up of mold and mildew.

How about safety? This design is integrated with the slip-resistant bottom. Therefore, no matter how long you stand on its surface, it can keep your feet safely.

Don’t forget that this great product also has other features as follows:

  • Thanks to a simple design, it doesn’t take too much your time and effort on your end to clean and maintain it. You can complete this process in a few minutes.
  • Whether you buy a shower pan to use in a bathroom or kitchen, this product works well because of the high-performing surfacing.


  • Superior impact strength
  • Heat resistance
  • Durability
  • Affordable
  • A great warranty


  • Not come with many customer reviews

6. Bestbath Curbed Shower Base/Pan – Curbed Threshold

Bestbath Curbed Shower Base/Pan - Curbed Threshold

Is safety your top priority? Don’t hesitate to pick up Bestbath Curbed immediately.

When it comes to safety, this product has coated a layer of gel so it has the ability to resist scratch and stain highly. Furthermore, the slip-resistant textured floor keeps your feet safe on the surface while showering. This model is made from fiberglass which gives the best durability.

This model also features others:

  • This shower pan comes with 3-wall alcove and is integrated tile flange supporting you install the model easier and quicker.
  • Apart from the dimensions of 54in.W x 30in.D x 5-3/4in.H to give a comfortable use, its beautiful design with white color fits several different designs of bathroom


  • 30 year limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Easy and quick to install


  • Haven’t had many reviews from customers

How To Choose The Best Shower Pan?

Before referring to our top 6 best shower pans, be sure that you have the general knowledge of choosing the best one.

On the market, there is a range of shower pan brands so it may be hard to choose the best one. Many people choose the cheapest or most expensive model. We don’t highly recommend this way. In this part, we helped you do research and gave the following considerations. Let’s consider:


Compared to the fiberglass shower base, we strongly recommend an acrylic shower base because it has many benefits. For example, acrylic material lasts longer, cleaning easier, and taking less your money and effort on repair and maintenance.


On the market, there are available several sizes of shower pans. No matter how big your bathroom is, you can find out a suitable model. When you look for space for shower pan, you had better think about other items to arrange the used space logically.

Easy to install

Are you a professional person? If yes, there is no need to care about this part anymore.

However, in case your answer is no, please make sure that you know the installation process clearly before purchasing. It should be easy to install and doesn’t take much time because the shower pan and your floors may have breakage and damage without your carefulness

CUPC certified

This information lets you know about its authenticity. Before deciding, you need to make sure that it is CUPC certified. What’s more, it also means your product has followed the American and Canadian national standards. Other differences of a no CUPC certified shower pan and a CUPC certified one is effect and safety. Anyone wants these features, right?


Planning to remodel your bathroom? It’s better to buy a new shower pan leading to change the style of the shower area. In this case, you should consider a model having the unique shape and colors.

Looking for an elegant style on a mass-produced and cheap fiberglass model? It’s impossible. The majority of the cheap fiberglass shower pans have an average level of style and design. If you want to purchase a pleasant-looking shower pan not breaking your budget, check our suggestions out below:

A shower pan with vibrant colors

Many people love the simple look of white and black. However, you can brighten up your shower area with other beautiful colors. On the market, there are many available options.

A shaped acrylic shower pan

Some shower pans come with custom shapes. This means you are allowed to pick up the most efficient shape for your own bathroom.

A typical example is the curve acrylic shower base that is a budget-friendly method to add your bathroom space a stylish look. Don’t forget to use it with a contemporary curve shower to have a complete design.

A custom-made tile shower base

In addition to shapes and colors, you can choose a shower pan based on the customized tiles. For instance, the brick style tiles are the classic look. Or you use old coins on the tiles.

Another great solution is to design a shower pan with the walls for enclosures. Obviously, this style requires you investing in a stylish shower curtain.

Cleaning and maintenance

Do you have a budget for a regular shower cleaner service? If not, you had better consider a grout-free shower floor. We highly recommend acrylic, marble, and solid surface.


We gave you all the essential information.

Have you made the last decision?

You can refer to our summary one more time. To choose the best shower pan, there are 6 features you need to keep in mind:

  • We appreciate acrylic material as it can last the lifespan of your model, help you clean easily and take less your money on maintenance.
  • When it comes to size, you must determine how much space in the bathroom will you spend for your shower pan,
  • In case, you are not a professional person, ensure that everything is easy to install.
  • The CUPC certified feature shows the quality of a product so you don’t forget to check it out.
  • There are a lot of different styles. Thus, depending on the design of your bathroom to pick up one.

Do you wonder about our choice?

We selected DreamLine SlimLine H Center Drain Single. It has what we need: durability, safety, and a great look. It doesn’t take time to maintain. In particular, this product comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. You can take it if you don’t have other personal demands.